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shmu Featured By Owner May 15, 2009
Thank you so much for your comments! I didn't expect that! XD

You made me realize, while reading your reply, that being open to different forms of art helps you discover new ways and explore new techniques. Maybe that's a guess why your past instructor encouraged using various techniques. It makes sense. =)
Crystal-LJ Featured By Owner May 16, 2009
No problem!

Well, mainly in one of my art instructors color and composition class, he had us choose a photo (just couldn't be a photograph of someone else painting/drawing/etc) with different values and a variety of texture with ink and other tools we can use to achieve certain textures such as cotton, make up pads, q-tips, brushes, etc. We also did some value scales which, we had to have two scales of two different textures. We also did color wheels, work with complementary color, and such. In drawing class, he taught more into perspective, contour drawing, had people use reference photos for the final project in weather charcoal or graphite (well, a couple of us had independent contract and did any media we wanted and we didn't have to follow the drawing course with the rest). Also, one time we did one still life session (I can talk a lot on that fi I want to and I got a picture of it).

And yeah, being open to various art forms can help you discover new ways of techniques. Sheesh, I know some artistes up on this site who do awesome works, and I couldn't figure out how they work a certain way with their paint. Experimentation is a good way to also find out techniques as well rather than someone telling you. And can't say only realism technique is the hard thing...

Fuck, I rambled again!
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